SCARLETT demonticon puzzle


A fashion icon, Scarlett runs her own clothing company. It is an important day and she is tense. She has called a meeting to pick the sizes for next season. Can you get in and see what is being discussed?



We are puzzled guys, grumpy and full of emotions, we fall apart, we are Demonticons. A blend of words emoticon and demount. Each of us have our own dreams, hobbies and story which is complete only after you get inside our head. Our stories contain a word combination that is also a clue to solve our mysteries and dreams.

On this page you can see our family tree and understand more about our relationships and life goals. You can notice that all women have a name beginning with the letter S and all men with the letter Z. We're all complicated. Our characters only state how we are difficult. The difference is in the number of obstacles and the visibility of the solution. Seldom smiley, we're the Demonticons! Devilishly devious since 2022.

CHEEKY - less obstacles, visible solution
STUBBORN - several obstacles, less visible solution
CLUELESS - less obstacles, no visible solution




Puzzle parameters

job: fashion designer

character: STUBBORN

size: 59 x 52 mm
make-up: anodized aluminium, stainless steel
weight: 319 g

- stand included in the package

- entertainment for you and your friends

- designers: Radek Micopulos (CZ) and Doog Menzies (NZ)

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