The production RADEMIC PUZZLES is named after its founder, Radek Micopulos. Radek designs not only the traditional Czech puzzles but also new interesting models. Our production is based on a high and precise engineering. Made in CZECH REPUBLIC (Europe), Královehradecký kraj, Bílá Třemešná. Since 2005


Designer and inventor of the puzzles, Radek Micopulos is the founder of the popular website JEŽ and also the production of original Czech puzzles RADEMIC PUZZLES where he successfully designs and manufactures the puzzle Hedgehog in the cage.




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Czech production RADEMIC PUZZLES can meet all of the demands of a business gift that will perfectly represent your company. We are able to produce a customized puzzle that meets your business needs.


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Radek Micopulos (*12.5.1987 Dvůr Králové nad Labem)


Designer of puzzles and specialist of the Hedgehog in a cage puzzle.

Radek Micopulos graduated from the Secondary School of Industry in Trutnov with a degree in toolmaking and business (2002-2007). From 2010 to 2015 he worked in two engineering companies, where he gained a lot of additional experience in engineering production.

Since 2005, he has been reviving Ježek in a cage and its forgotten variants, such as Ježival in a cage. In 2012, he invented a new type of Hedgehog GEN, with which he won the Puzzle of the Year Award. He is the creator of the Bearing Hedgehog, AXIS and the ORIGINAL Hedgehog, which is the most authentic form of this famous puzzle to date. The author continues to expand the history of the puzzle and has also tracked down the very ancestor of our 19th century Hedgehog from the USA.

Radek Micopulos designs both traditional and modern hedgehogs in a cage, further developing the principle and design of this puzzle. Since 2018 he has been designing other unusual puzzles such as HEXAHOG. The latter combines two types of puzzles. The HEXA cage with the principle of a removable puzzle and the HEXXA cage - a three-dimensional folding puzzle. Another is the Hedgehog in the EPIC cage, which has a very unusual "open" shape of three expanding spirals and a hedgehog with a drop-shaped ball. In 2020, he invented the NEMO puzzle - a multi-tasking puzzle that also requires the use of the internet and searching for hidden clues to progress.

He has approximately 180 different Hedgehogs in a Cage in his collection.

Since the beginning of 2017, he has been building the Jaroslav Foglar Museum at Ledeč nad Sázavou Castle with Fast Arrows cartoonist Milan Teslevič. There is a collection of Hedgehogs in a cage in an original display case, which he designed and made and is, with exaggeration, the largest Hedgehog in a cage ever made. It is 2.4 m high, has a hexagonal base 70 cm wide and the light inside is the hedgehog itself with spines.

In 2021 he made the Hedgehog in a Cage based on a new illustration of the puzzle from the Shadow trilogy. In collaboration with the painter Jiří Grus, he materialized this model exactly according to his drawings. Historically, this is the first collaboration between a contemporary illustrator and a modern designer of this puzzle.

For the Czech EU Presidency in 2022, he designed a hedgehog in a cage in the colours of the Czech tricolour with a heraldic representation of the Czech Lion and the inscription Czech republic. In the past, he has already produced variously modified Hedgehogs in a Cage. For example, a green and white model for the ŠKODA AUTO car company, bright yellow balls (like a tennis ball) in a white cage for the FedCup finals (2014) and DavisCup (2015).

At the end of 2022, a new puzzle Hedgehog in a Cage MYSTIC was created, inspired by the oldest known Hedgehog in a Cage from the 19th century. This Hedgehog hides a unique secret in the unscrewable ball about how this legendary puzzle actually came to be.


Foreign cooperation

Since 2022, Radek Micopulos has also established cooperation with foreign authors. One of them is James Stanley from Great Britain and another one is Douglas Menzies from New Zealand with whom he has created puzzles called Demonticon.


Puzzle models

2009 - Hedgehog in a cage KLASIK
2010 - Hedgehog in a cage '66
2012 - Hedgehog in a cage BEARING
2012 - Hedgehog in a cage GEN
2013 - Hedgehog in a Cage ORIGINAL
2015 - Hedgehog in a Cage
2016 - Hedgehog in a cage AXIS
2016 - Hedgehog in a cage CLASSIC
2017 - Hedgehog in a cage RETRO
2018 - HEXAHOG puzzle
2019 - Hedgehog in the Cage EPIC
2019 - Hedgehog in a cage FANTOM
2020 - NEMO puzzle
2021 - Hedgehog in a cage GEN IN BLACK
2021 - Hedgehog in a cage ANTIQ
2021 - Hedgehog in a cage RIVAL
2021 - Hedgehog in a cage NOVEL
2022 - Hedgehog in a cage PATRIOT - Czech EU Presidency 2022
2022 - AMULET puzzle - foreign cooperation with James Stanley (GB)
2022 - ZIGGY puzzle - foreign cooperation with Douglas Menzies (NZ)
2022 - Hedgehog in a cage MYSTIC
2023 - Hedgehog in the cage IDEAL
2023 - STELLA puzzle - foreign cooperation with Douglas Menzies (NZ)
2023 - ZAK puzzle - foreign cooperation with Douglas Menzies (NZ)
2023 - Hedgehog in a cage CLASSIC screwable
2024 - SCARLETT puzzle - foreign cooperation with Douglas Menzies (NZ)

Other variants

In addition to the basic models, many other material variants have been developed - different coloured anodised or coated duralumin, steel, stainless steel and brass.


Radek Micopulos is also involved in the design and artistic creation of commemorative objects. Since 2018 he has been creating unofficial postage stamps in symbolic values such as 1 Ginkgo, 3 - Brotherhood of the Cat's Claw, 5 - Quick Arrows. He has also created the first ever Shadows coat of arms in the form of an embossed metal plate. The coat of arms colored in black silhouettes of curving streets and the yellow symbols of the Shadows - crossed yellow pins and a yellow flower. A commemorative medal made of "new silver" was issued with this motif.

Custom production

Radek Micopulos has been designing and producing special commissions since 2017. These are mainly atypical display cases for the Jaroslav Foglar Museum and other items.

Articles and interviews by the author

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