Hedgehog in the cage MYSTIC



The Hedgehog in the cage MYSTIC is based on the original american design of a puzzle Trilby from the 19th century. Compared to the original, however, it has a larger, today's common size and a design newly created by Radek Micopulos. The cage made from one piece of material has five specifically shaped holes and interesting stainless steel rings in the fronts. The copper puzzle cage may not have a perfectly uniform surface due to the specific surface treatment. Everything will unite over time with the creation of a beautiful dark brown patina, as can be seen from the illustration photo.



Inside the cage there is a stainless steel screwable hedgehog with ten cone-shaped spines. In the hedgehog ball, you will find a complete description of the creation of the Trilby puzzle, the predecessor of the Hedgehog in a cage! So for the first time, the mysterious spiked ball does not contain fictional information but a historical fact sought for generations! The puzzle has a nice and unique principle of removal.



The Hedgehog is stored in a new retro pouch made of amazing brown leather and in a box printed with an original American newspaper from 1895. This Hedgehog has been created with great attention to detail, so you will also find the manufacturer's markings in the same font and style as on the original TRILBY. One of the several interesting details of this puzzle is backward compatibility. Puzzle foreheads exactly matching the foreheads of its 130-year-old predecessor. Generally uncommon in puzzles.



Puzzle parameters

difficulty 1-5:

dimensions: 45 x 80 mm
material: stainless steel, aluminium, copper
weight: 103 g
number of spines: 10

Buy Now!

- exclusive copper surface that creates a patina
- stainless steel screwable hedgehog
- contains a historical fact about the creation of The Hedgehog in a Cage
- including a retro bag made of genuine leather
- stored in a box with an American newspaper print from 1895


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