HEXAHOG puzzle


The new puzzle from the original Czech production RADEMIC PUZZLES combines two types of puzzles. HEXA cage with the principle of removable puzzle and cage HEXXA - three-dimensional folding puzzle.

Split the larger HEXXA cage into parts,

get into the smaller HEXA cage,

remove the hexagon shaped Hex.



Removal is not as usual as it may seem. The fingers can not get too far into the HEXA cage, so the cage must be rotated horizontally to the ground and rotated to look for the correct hole. If you feel you have found it, shake it and move Hex to the right position. It needs a bit of practice, but after a few attempts you will soon learn this specific approach!


Insert Hex back into the HEXA cage,

assemble the HEXXA cage and insert the HEXA inside.




Splitting a larger HEXXA cage is easy, but can you fold it again? This three-dimensional puzzle consists of 14 unique pieces. It starts from the lower circular pedestal, then from 12 curved hexagonal parts to the top circular lid.


Puzzle parameters

difficulty 1-5:

dimensions: 70 x 80 mm
material: stainless steel, brass
weight: 390 g

number of spines: 0

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The following videos also provide solutions





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