Hedgehog in the cage RIVAL



Take the hedgehog out of the cage and become a new rival of the Shadow district. The cage has a unique construction consisting of one piece of tube and lids, which after bending create the upper and lower part of the cage. Thanks to this solution, the cage has unusual round shapes on both sides and thus has an attractive retro design. The cage is made of one piece of brushed polished stainless steel and it is not easy to place it on rounded fronts. The enclosed yellow pin - the symbol of the Vonts will easily help with this. The stainless steel hedgehog inside has 10 conical spines and a high difficulty of removal.



In addition to this puzzle, Radek Micopulos also created an original leather wrapping bag with a metal coat of arms of Shadow district. The coat of arms is colored in black silhouettes of streets and yellow symbols of Shadow district - crossed yellow pin and a yellow flower. This coat of arms serves on the bag as a puller to close the bag.



Puzzle parameters

difficulty 1-5:

dimensions: 45 x 82 mm
material: polished stainless steel
weight: 146 g
number of spines: 10

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- rounded retro design
- including a wrapping bag with the coat of arms of the Shadows district and a yellow pin
- high difficulty of removal


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