The Hedgehog in the Cage

History of a puzzle


The first report of the puzzle Hedgehog in the cage was supposedly in the catalog US Trick & Novelty Co. from 1886! Unfortunately, the search for more information in the library of Congress from Washington DC and The Strong Museum in Rochester New York hasn't been succesfull and the year 1886 has not been confirmed with certainty. The evidence, however, is in the newspaper The American Stationery on April 18, 1895.



The first appearance of the puzzle was not a physical object. It was featured in a magazine series of adventure stories for boys written by Jaroslav Foglar, publisher from 1940. The heroes of the on-going series were a group of Prague boys who called themselves “Fast Arrows“. Their adventure took place in an area called “Shadow District”.



The adventures proved enormously popular generating fan clubs, collecting, a book series and film version, etc. One of the stories, called Puzzle Mystery, concerned a revolutionary invention of a flying bicycle, the plan which was hidden inside a body of the hedgehog. The description of the puzzle was very specific and the story also included a detailed description of the solution. The key feature of the solution is to locate the biggest cage opening and the longest spike on the body of the hedgehog. Today there are over 50 different versions of this puzzle. The Hedgehog in the Cage is the most famous Czech Puzzle. Over the years various types of this puzzle were created, from wooden, to plastic to metal versions.



In the year 2009, RADEMIC PUZZLES came up with another classical Hedgehog in the Cage, which was considerably improved technicaly. The next realization of our production was JEŽIVAL '66 in 2010, which was a new form of the original Czech puzzle from the year 1966. In 2011 the Hedgehog was specially modified for ŠKODA AUTO car maker, and in 2012 a new revolutionary model GEN was created. The last act then the Hedgehog ORIGINAL, which is still the most credible implementation Jezek ever created.



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