Hedgehog in the cage - EPIC

futuristic Hedgehog


The elegant cage forms an unusual “open” shape of three expanding spirals. The hedgehog has an atypical number of five spikes, while two of them are a part of the amazing teardrop-shaped ball. In addition to the groundbreaking design of the cage and the hedgehog, this puzzle also brings a new unique principle. Compared to the traditional Hedgehog in the cage, first you have to come up with various tricks which will help you to get a little further to the solution.



The entire cage is made of polished stainless steel, the hedgehog is made of aluminium which is anodized in a blue color. The package includes a box of blue designed background and an original, handmade zipper bag spiraling in the spirit of the model EPIC.



Puzzle parameters

difficulty 1-5:

dimensions: 51,5 x 83 mm
material: polished stainless steel
weight: 296g

number of spines: 5

price: 2 990 CZK  Buy

- polished stainless steel
- revolutionary design of cage and hedgehog
- unique trick principle
- including original, handmade zipper bag


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